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The Best Lesbian Dating Sites strives to be the top in-depth, unprejudiced and critical resource for lesbians looking for a safe, top online dating site to join. On our website you have articles covering a range of relationship, lifestyle and dating topics including internet safety, date advice, rankings and reviews of the best dating sites for lesbians, and more subjects to help Lesbian women interested in dating online. When possible and available, we update the sites' dating coupons and deals section so that you can use them to save money! Remember, these are free lesbian dating sites to join, so have fun!
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Thank you for visiting The Best Lesbian Dating Sites, where we have reviewed hundreds of top online dating websites in order to locate ones which qualify as the best LBGT sites for dating, plus provide you with information about the current online dating site discounts, deals, and coupons. Although a decision on what the best dating site is, at its core, plainly a personal evaluation, some of the reasons and facts we reviewed include: cost, privacy, safety, whether a useful free trial or trial period is offered, the number of active members, and speed of growth of the dating site. We frequently update our reviews of the lesbian focused websites, as well as check for the availability of coupons and deals. If, however, you believe one is out of date, or think we need to update one of the online dating site reviews, please email us.

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When you’re looking for lesbian romance, it isn’t easy, is it? Maybe the romantic search is tough for everyone. We know people are out there, somewhere, but some days it seems like you need a metal detector or something to find them! You deserve to spend more time having fun with a woman, and more time being happy within a relationship. Thankfully, the ways you can meet someone have expanded greatly since the Internet came into being. To wit: Dating sites are all the rage. Dating sites are about to surpass traditional ways of meeting people, especially amongst those looking for a lifelong partner.
Many of these sites cater mostly to heterosexual couples. This is not a problem — if you are heterosexual and do not wish to date within your own sex, ever. The culture and attitudes surrounding homosexual and bisexual relationships have changed a lot, however. It begs the question: Are there dating sites out there that help those who are interested in lesbian relationships? The answer is an emphatic yes.
You don’t have to go to a dating site that is exclusive to lesbians, in order to find women who are seeking women. There’s a good mix in this regard; lots of mainstream sites have excellent services for lesbian women, but also a new crop of female-only sites have emerged in the last couple of years. Here are some of the best of both types.


Match.com is considered one of the best sites out there for lesbians. Obviously, this site is not exclusive to women seeking women, and in fact it’s one of the very most popular dating sites in general, but its popularity is why it’ll work for you. Not only is there a big audience signed up there, but the functions of the site help. Because of its diverse appeal the site has incorporated a number of search tools for advanced, specific searches that help people find whom they are looking for. You can finally get down to brass tacks, include or exclude details that matter. And they have a well-known guarantee if you do not find a match within 6 months, you get another 6 months for free.


Chemistry.com is a cousin of Match, and it is also a top-ten site, but its approach is roughly equivalent to that of eHarmony instead of Match. It applies personality tests to sort through and quantify your personal traits, desires, beliefs and habits to find someone well suited for you. Many people like to be steered towards kindred spirits, and also the questionnaires are interesting as they reveal things about you. In fact simply taking the tests makes you think about what is truly important to you. That probably makes it a relationship site, since it is geared for compatible matches between women. And if you’ve read reviews of Chemistry, you’ll find there are hundreds of testimonials from lesbians who’ve had good experiences by way of it.


It was a little hard to tell, at first, whether SeniorPeopleMeet even had same-sex matches. Yes — they do. We found this by searching the topic in their FAQs. Here’s a quote from them, and we’ve added bold text to the important bits:
“We automatically match you with opposite gender matches. For example, if your gender is female, our system will automatically match you to males, not other females. You can perform a same gender search for other members at anytime. Please note that the only profiles that will show in your results are those of members who have changed their preferences to allow members of the same sex to view them. If they have their preferences set to allow only the opposite gender to view them, then you will not see their profiles in your search results.”
In other words, after you join you can set your preferences to show you would like to be contacted for same-sex dating. And when you search for lesbians you’ll see only profiles of women who want to be contacted by other females. Because there’s often a shortage of women to date — especially among those over 50 — this could be a good place to look if you aren’t finding many listings of lesbians in your region. And all the “PeopleMeet” sites are good for security and functionality.


As the name of the site suggests, BeNaughty.com is a little more risqué than other sites that offer lesbian dating. One of the greatest features about this site is the cost to sign up. Or rather, the lack of cost, as you can sign up for free. This way you know exactly what you are paying for should you choose to subscribe. It was founded in the UK. Some online users find that European sites lack what could be kindly called America’s puritanical attitude towards sex and sexuality. Anyway, a great site for women who are seeking other women.


Zoosk is one of the newer online dating services, which means that it’s up to the minute in social networking know-how. In fact, that’s one of the things that distinguishes this site. You can incorporate your tech know-how into helping you find the right girl for you. Also, with this cutting edge attitude comes a more progressive philosophy on dating: they understand that today’s dating scene isn’t steeped in religious paranoia and dogma. Like a few other sites on this list, it also offers a free basic membership. Obviously, you don’t get all the bells and whistles with this basic membership as you do with those that cost, but at least you can take this baby for a test drive before you sign on the dotted line.


Named for the Greek poet who explained lesbian love to the world, this site obviously caters to women who are interested in dating only other women. In fact, any search for PlanetSappho.com will tell you that it’s for lesbian and bi-curious women ONLY. Obviously, this can be a huge advantage for women who don’t want to be harassed by males who can’t (or don’t bother to) read profiles. It also gives you a sense of freedom knowing that everyone on the site is like you. That is, you don’t have to read someone’s profile, get yourself excited because you think you might be a good fit, and then learn that she isn’t into women. You can just search the database and find the girl that you believe is best for you.


This is another dating site that’s great because it does away with traditional ways of approaching a relationship. Namely, it celebrates big and beautiful people instead of pretending that only models are interested in relationships. This open-minded thinking makes it prime for women looking for other women. You won’t find the reluctance or even intolerance that sometimes crops up on more traditional sites. Again, you can just be you and find that girl that you want to get to know better.


Despite the progress of gay rights in the last 10 years, there are still an overwhelming majority of states that don’t recognize same sex marriages. For lesbians, this is one of the good things about FindMeLove.com: the site is more focused on casual relationships than the goal oriented one where it’s all about marriage. This isn’t to say the site is just for booty calls, but more for those that are less interested in traditional relationships. Not to mention that compared to other pay sites, this one has extremely reasonable rates.


On the other hand, it’s not like only straight couples are looking for long-term commitment. That’s why PerfectMatch.com is great for lesbians who are looking for a long-term thing. This site is the go to one if you are looking for “the one.” Some people think it’s a bit stuffy but that’s primarily because it takes its match making goals so seriously. It has a large database, which makes it perfect for a girl who wants to get into a serious relationship but isn’t quite sure just who she wants to do that with. A girl definitely has choices here.


Any dating site list should include AdultFriendFinder.com if only because it offers the widest range of people. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are or what you are looking for, AFF probably has it. In fact, it’s one of the only sites that isn’t exclusive to any one demographic, but that boasts a great selection for women who prefer women. Also, this is a great place for those of you who simply want something physical and fun. The best part about it? It’s free.

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